10 kinds of food to lose weight in winter christie stevens

The winter diet of 10 kinds of food [Abstract] the best since the cooler weather, there are people who say so difficult to lose weight every day, because the Fed will be fat, do not eat cold, so there is not easy to eat more fat food? What is the most effective diet to lose weight in winter? Since the weather turns cool, every day some people say that it is difficult to lose weight, because the Fed will be fat, do not eat will be cold, then there is not much food is not easy to eat fat? This is not, the following 10 kinds of food is in your mind! Winter diet No.1 eggs in winter to change the dietary structure of the first point is appropriate to eat some protein. Because 30% of the energy contained in the protein will become heat from the body surface, this figure is higher than the number of carbohydrates by up to 6 times! The egg is precisely the most common source of protein, each egg contains more than 7g of protein. The recommended daily eat a boiled egg, heat only 70 calories, it contains rich nutrition and protein, than those outside the sweet cake that is not full of "freeze top with a lot of goods! Winter diet food No.2 fish weight loss can not eat meat? We have worked hard to climb to the top of the food chain, not to eat the grass! Not to mention the fish are white meat, rich in protein and OMEGA -3, can not only lose weight, but also can effectively improve the skin inflammation, anti aging! Steamed fish can maximize the preservation of fish nutrition, promote fat burning, it is best to eat some every day oh! Winter diet food No.3 brown rice if you are in the United States in the Chinese restaurant, when you ask the boss to a bowl of rice, you will get a bowl of pale yellow, taste some rough, but very elastic teeth of rice! Yes, this is very popular in Europe and the fitness industry of brown rice, nickname: "almighty nutritious food"! If the brown rice in the vitamin and cellulose content is very rich, including vitamin B1 and B2 can make the fat completely burn, effective slimming! If you want to lose weight, lose weight in winter, if you want to lose weight, apple No.4. Apple contains the acid, can effectively burn fat. In addition, apple is rich in cellulose, can help your bowel purge! The winter diet food No.5 Chinese medicine of sweet and sour tomato tomato micro cold, have the effect of Shengjinzhike, Jianweixiaoshi, liver detoxification, Liang Xueping. In addition, the water content of tomatoes is very high, so the heat is very low, very suitable for daily snacks! The winter diet food No.6 cabbage dietary fiber content is very rich, can effectively improve constipation and detoxification, and cabbage are rich in vitamin C, can inhibit the formation of melanin, help the body to produce collagen, to meet the needs of female beauty. Winter diet No.7 kelp kelp is a high fiber high iodine healthy food, which contains a lot of iodine, and the addition of adequate iodine is the key to accelerate the metabolism and eliminate edema. In addition, the kelp contains quantity of heat is very low, with kelp soup is the ideal healthy diet! Winter weight loss food No.8 walnut sister said to eat cold fruit in winter, then recommend a suitable for winter snacks, that is nuts! For example, walnut, it is rich in protein and dietary fiber, or the source of Omega 3 fatty acids. position相关的主题文章: